Durex discount codes

Make Intimacy Be Part of Your Sex Life with Durex

I have always been a romantic person and to achieve the best where emotions and feelings are involved while enjoying sex means a lot to me. This is the reason why I am all satisfied whether it’s my work life I’m part of or just the usual life with friend or being alone. My boyfriend never had any complaints from me nor did I was accused for being not good in bed. We used to look out for weekends when we already decided to spend every moment with each other except for anything urgent coming up. Durex Promo Codes were the best companion I and my boyfriend always kept with us in every way possible that is in the form of sex and pleasure toys or condoms.

Sarah was my friend since my primary school as we were neighbours which kept us close to each other. She was one of a kind as she was always there whenever I needed her. Lately I was not able to see that spark on her face which always used to be. I truly was concerned about her and this is the reason I went to all lengths finding what has taken that beautiful smile and love she was always there to spread.

Durex discount codes

On enquiring I came to know that she and her boyfriend broke up and this was not the only reason. She even accepted that her frustration or breakage of heart is not because he left, it was because he accused her to be very cold in bed. This was something hit Sarah very hard and she was not able to pin point where she went wrong.

Though I don’t like discussing my love and sex life with anyone but Sarah was attached to me on different frequency and watching her killing herself everyday with the thinking of her not suitable for sex was something I can’t let her do. This is the reason I invited her over to my place so that we can discuss about her problem with thoroughness.

Durex discount codes

On the same day I introduced her to the sex toys which are always available at Durex with the best possible discount on them. I even told her that she should practice more and more at home and when she meets someone instead of using any brand condoms use Durex condoms only as they are the perfect fit and gives satisfaction in all possible way. The idea of being part of the intimacy session conducted by Durex was also what I plate in front of her, which I knew she would definitely join.

I even handed her the post-Christmas gift which was a gift set from the store. She was so thankful to me but I really loved her as my own and got the best which I could have got for myself. This is again a very difficult thing to have all that pleasure which your sex life require. But this is made all easy with the availability of Durex and its discounts to the savvy customer who want pleasure at the same time.

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